Right fundus

Imaging the inside of your eye

Ever wondered what it is we see when we look inside your eyes with “that bright light”? Well, the bright light is an instrument called an Ophthalmoscope. Its design allows us to illuminate the inside of your eye so that we can detect disease and abnormalities such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Right fundus
Right fundus

Most of the time, that’s all we need to do, but if there was something abnormal, it is useful to take a photo of what we see. To do this we now use our Digital Fundus Camera. Not all Ophthalmic Opticians have access to a fundus camera and it was a huge investment, but we think it is extremely important to our patient’s eye care because:

  • If a patient requires referral to their GP or the Hospital, an image may be sent to help the doctor understand why we have referred them.
  • We store the image, so that we can review it and monitor any changes in the future.
  • The images can be used to help patients understand how their eyes work and any problems they may have.
Left fundus
Left fundus

Our Digital Fundus Camera allows us to take high quality digital images of the inside of your eyes. These images can be taken free of charge, when required as part of your sight test, PEARS or WECE examination.

If you would like any further information, talk to your Optician during your sight test.

To make an appointment please call 02920 882929.

This service is only available at the Caerphilly practice.

Please note: This article is for information purposes only.  Please consult your Ophthalmic Optician or Doctor if you have any concerns.



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