Varied contact lenses

Contact Lenses

We fit and supply most types of soft and gas permeable contact lenses.

  • 30 pairs of soft daily lenses £32 – £49 (£38 most popular)* with discounts for bulk purchase (March 2016)
  • Frequent soft replacement scheme (monthly / 2 weekly) £17 – £22 per month (£18 most popular)* including all scheduled sight tests, contact lens appointments and solutions. Discounted glasses and sunglasses.(March 2016)
  • Soft (Multifocal / Bifocal / Custom made) and Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are available – please ask in practice for cost.

Your Optician will help you determine the best contact lenses for your needs. The cost of lenses will depend on your prescription and wearing schedule as well as the comfort and health requirements of your eyes.

*prescription dependent