New Blink intensive tears PLUS

Blink Intensive PLUS
Blink Intensive PLUS

New Blink intensive tears PLUS liquid gel helps bring long lasting relief from persistent feelings of dry eyes.

  • Blink intensive tears PLUS liquid gel has a higher viscosity hypotonic formulation for even longer lasting relief and a superior end-of-day comfort.(1)
  • Suitable for both day-time and night-time use.
  • Longer lasting effect – 60% reported effect lasted more than two hours. (1)

New Blink intensive tears PLUS is a tear supplement for dry eyes which lasts longer in the eye than Blink intensive (standard) due to its more viscous formulation.

Unlike the standard Blink intensive tears, Intensive tears PLUS should not be used with contact lenses.

Available from our Caerphilly practice now and our Ystrad Mynach practice soon.

Update: now available in Ystrad Mynach also.

Taken from Abbott Medical Optics promotional literature.
1. Dumbleton K, Woods C, FOnn D. An investigation of the efficacy of a Novel Ocular Lubricant. Eye and Contact Lens 2009;35(3):149-155