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  • New Blink intensive tears PLUS

    New Blink intensive tears PLUS

    New Blink intensive tears PLUS liquid gel helps bring long lasting relief from persistent feelings of dry eyes.

  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    Contact lenses can give you a fresh look, the freedom to be more active, and the ability to see your best. They are an excellent alternative to glasses. They will affect how you see – and how other people see you. Discover the benefits. With the advent of silicone hydrogel (soft) contact lenses and ever…

  • Dry eyes? – Try Blink

    Dry eyes? – Try Blink

    If you have dry eyes, why not pop in and get yourself a free* 5 vial trial of AMO Blink Intensive tears. These artificial tear drops are designed to give “long lasting relief from the feeling of dry, tired eyes”. They are also safe for use with contact lenses. *One trial of 5 vials can be…

  • Macular degeneration and ocular nutrition

    Macular degeneration and ocular nutrition

    Nutrition and the eye In 2001, a large clinical trial was undertaken called the “Age-Related Eye Disease Study” (AREDS). This found that high levels of anti-oxidants and zinc significantly reduced the risk of Age related macular degeneration (AMD) and it’s associated vision loss. Specially prepared vitamin and nutrient supplements (using the AREDS formula, or very…

  • UV and Sunglasses

    UV and Sunglasses

    Light contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation and while it’s invisible, its affects certainly aren’t. Apart from accelerating the ageing of our skin, it has the same effect on our eyes, particularly the crystalline lens within. UV can cause cataract, which turns our eye’s lens a near-opaque milky white.