Transitions dark cropped

Transitions® photochromatic lenses

See life in a whole new light

Transitions clear
Transitions lenses in their clear state

During sight tests i’m often asked about photochromatic lenses, so called “lenses that go dark in the sun“.

Basically these lenses react to the ultra-violet light in sunlight and become darker. Indoor lighting emits very little ultra-violet light and so the lenses return to their clear state. The brighter the sun, the more ultra-violet light and so the darker the lens becomes. Simple! 🙂

We now offer the most advanced photochromic lenses with enhanced performance for healthy sight. Transitions VI lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain and are darker outdoors particularly in hot temperatures.

Transitions light
Transitions lenses in their shaded state

Transitions VI lenses enhance the visual quality and help preserve the health and wellbeing of your eyes, so you will see better today and tomorrow. Our Crizal Alizé and Crisal Forte lenses enhance the performance of  Transitions VI and offers the best resistance to smudges and dust.

Transitions VI spectacle lenses let you see the world in a way that’s clearer and more meaningful, even in changing light conditions. In bright outdoor light, spectacle wearers often experience glare and discomfort. But, Transitions lenses darken in outdoor light, then quickly become clear again once you’re inside. So, you see more comfortably, both indoors and out.

Transitions lenses are available in brown and grey variants and are now available in most plastic lens materials, single vision, varifocals and bifocals.

Key Points

Transitions dark
Transitions lenses in their darkened state

Transitions VI:

  • is even darker outdoors, particularly in hot temperatures, for enhanced visual comfort in the sun.
  • is as clear as a clear lens indoors
  • blocks 100% of UVA and UVB radiation even in it’s clear state
  • is available in brown and black variants in most of our plastic lens materials, single vision and varifocal lenses.

If you want more information on Transitions lenses, visit their website.

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Please note: This article is for information purposes only.  Please consult your Ophthalmic Optician or Doctor if you have any concerns.