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  • Crizal® lenses – Live life in the clear

    Crizal® lenses – Live life in the clear

    Crizal lenses help you see better – look better – feel better by reducing reflections and resisting fingerprints, scratches and dirt on your spectacle lenses. Made using leading edge technologies, Crizal lenses protect your eyes against the causes of discomfort offering you clear, clean and comfortable vision.

  • Life is a Beach!

    Life is a Beach!

    Today, local signwriter Jason Howells has delighted us with a gloriously sunny beach mural. The 2010 version of our Caerphilly practice’s summer window features palm trees, an inviting ocean, a luscious golden beach and a yacht. Over the past three summers Jason has given us sizzling variations on the beach theme, but this years is…

  • UV and Sunglasses

    UV and Sunglasses

    Light contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation and while it’s invisible, its affects certainly aren’t. Apart from accelerating the ageing of our skin, it has the same effect on our eyes, particularly the crystalline lens within. UV can cause cataract, which turns our eye’s lens a near-opaque milky white.

  • Oakley Sunglasses

    Oakley Sunglasses

    Whether you love skiing or snowboarding, cycling or golf you will have no doubt bumped into someone who owns or is wearing a pair of Oakley Sunglasses. We have been an Official Oakley Dealer for many years now and always have a wide selection of current styles in stock. However, if we don’t have what…

  • Transitions® photochromatic lenses

    Transitions® photochromatic lenses

    We now offer the most advanced photochromic lenses with enhanced performance for healthy sight. Transitions VI lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain and are darker outdoors particularly in hot temperatures.