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Glazing spectacle lenses

I’m often asked how prescription lenses are cut into the various shapes of frame available. At Lawrence and Harris, we are lucky enough to have our own glazing lab within our Caerphilly Practice. The vast majority of frames including rimless, semi-rimless and sports glasses are glazed by Terry our glazing lab technician. Usually only safety glasses are glazed elsewhere.

Caerphilly practice Spectacle Lenses Ystrad Mynach practice

Crizal® lenses – Live life in the clear

Make a big difference to how you see, look and feel.

Crizal Lenses offer many benefits over uncoated lenses.

Crizal resists rain
Crizal resists rain
  • Safer and more comfortable vision at night
  • Fewer reflectionsfor a more attractive look
  • Reduced eye fatigue and headaches caused by extended screen viewing
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Contact Lenses

Why try contact lenses?

Contact lenses can give you a fresh look, the freedom to be more active, and the ability to see your best. They are an excellent alternative to glasses. They will affect how you see – and how other people see you. Discover the benefits.

Look great without glasses!

  • Wear them all the time or just occasionally for socialising, sport or special events.
  • Rediscover your natural beauty without glasses.
  • Look good without frames blocking your face.
  • Show off your make-up without glasses.
  • Choose from a wide range of non-prescription sunglasses.

Who can wear contact lenses?

With the advent of silicone hydrogel (soft) contact lenses and ever increasing prescription ranges,  more people than ever can enjoy the freedom of contact lenses. Daily lenses are now also available in the high performance silicone hydrogel material with ACUVUE TruEye and Sauflon Clariti lenses. Even if you need reading glasses, that’s not a problem as lens makers are designing ever more successful multifocal lenses.

TruEye Pack
TruEye Pack
Caerphilly practice Spectacle Lenses Ystrad Mynach practice

Transitions® photochromatic lenses

See life in a whole new light

Transitions clear
Transitions lenses in their clear state

During sight tests i’m often asked about photochromatic lenses, so called “lenses that go dark in the sun“.

Basically these lenses react to the ultra-violet light in sunlight and become darker. Indoor lighting emits very little ultra-violet light and so the lenses return to their clear state. The brighter the sun, the more ultra-violet light and so the darker the lens becomes. Simple! 🙂

We now offer the most advanced photochromic lenses with enhanced performance for healthy sight. Transitions VI lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain and are darker outdoors particularly in hot temperatures.