Crizal resists rain

Crizal® lenses – Live life in the clear

Make a big difference to how you see, look and feel.

Crizal Lenses offer many benefits over uncoated lenses.

Crizal resists rain
Crizal resists rain
  • Safer and more comfortable vision at night
  • Fewer reflectionsfor a more attractive look
  • Reduced eye fatigue and headaches caused by extended screen viewing

See Better

Crizal resisits dirt
Crizal resists dirt

Visual discomfort is often experienced by people wearing glasses. Causes include fingerprints on lenses, glare from car headlights and surface scratches. With Crizal lenses, visual discomfort is greatly reduced.

Made using leading edge technologies, Crizal lenses protect your eyes against the causes of discomfort offering you clear, clean and comfortable vision.

Look Better

Crizal reduces reflections
Crizal reduces reflections

Crizal lenses are so clean, clear and glare free they are virtually invisible to those around you. The perfectly smooth surface lets in light rather than it bouncing off the surface of your lenses, causing ugly reflections.

Crizal lenses allow people to see your eyes, they will hardly notice your glasses.

Feel Better

Crizal resists scratches
Crizal resists scratches

Crizal lenses mean fewer headaches and less eye strain caused by reflections from computer screens.

More info

If you want more information about Crizal lenses please visit their website. Currently there is also a TV advert.